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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So, I guess I'm a Vlogger now. This is my first attempt at a video via blogging. The sound gets louder when the actual instruction part comes on. As I state in the intro, this is not a beginner instruction video.... and as I recently read... Raw Cub/Spiral is not for the weak at heart :)

Beading Videos

I'm considering making some beading videos.

The main reason is because I don't do some techniques repeatedly. This means that it takes me a little while to "get it" again.

Sometimes the "get it" again time is frustrating. Especially when doing a 3 dimensional activity based on instructions on paper, with the beads... well, flat. The beading videos would be more of a refresher for me, rather than a true instruction. I don't plan on creating videos for beginners. Though, who knows, maybe in the future.

I blogged about how I wanted it set up.. to see that blog, visit my home blog - click here.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moon and Stars

The face makes me think of the moon and I added small crystals going around it with the bead embroidery to represent stars :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Eye See You

It all started when I made the Tiger Eye LSU necklace....

Then my mother in law gave me some tiger eye stones she bought on vacation a number of years ago. She asked me if I could turn them into pendants. One had a flat back to it, so I was able to do bead embroidery. The other one was oddly shaped, so I had to try my hand at wire wrapping...

After I made my mother-in-law the two pendants... I figured.. What the heck, I had the materials out, might as well make a bead embroidery for me too, being as I remembered that I had a tiger eye cabochon.

I was on an "eye" kick... I found a glass bead that I bought years ago that reminded me of Tigger's eyes. Tigger, our Siamese cat, got out and was gone for 4 very long days... I was so happy when he returned that I took out the glass bead and did a simple design around it :)

OK, so the above one, my husband didn't like.... but the below one... OMG, Greg can't stand it! I get mixed responses from people. My Sister-in-Law, Madelyn, said, "It's pretty." Then she shivered and covered her eyes and continued, "But the eye freaks me out!" My Mom thought it was great and so did other friends and fellow beaders.. but like I said.. mixed results. I love it! And yes... it's a real prosthetic eye :)

And so ends my "eye see you" trend. From LSU tiger eye to tiger eye stones to a cat's eye and a prosthetic eye... Afterwards, I decided to let nature inspire me. When my husband and I went on a family vacation with my parents to Hawaii, Mom and I bought sunrise seashells. It's taken me a while to figure out how I wanted to bead the seashells. I considered simple stringing, but that didn't do them justice... thought about mixing them with other shells, but it took away from the sunrise colors. Coraling was the perfect option. One shell has more of a fuchsia/orange color and the other is more gold with hints of light rose, so I made the corals to match the shell coloring :)