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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


First post for my new blog! Woot!

I hope you take a moment to browse through the Gallery section and enjoy the variety of jewelry pieces I’ve crafted.

The jewelry piece I'm working on right now is a tubular right angle weave necklace. I loved right angel weave (RAW) the first time I tried it. (Some folks really don't like the technique and it has a bad reputation for being difficult.) I find RAW flows like a circle; it's lacy yet geometric. I thought the tubular design would be easy, but after the first couple of stitches, I was ready to pitch the beads and let the cat toss them around.

The hardest part is starting, which seems to always be the case. Once I decided on layering the colors, I knew where to start the next layer and away I went...

The necklace will take some time, maybe I should have picked larger seed beads. This is the beginning stage....

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