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Saturday, October 16, 2010

V Scallop


Lisa Kan created this design, called V Scallop. I emailed her a couple of times via Facebook regarding the supplies, as I didn't have all of the items the design called for. Lisa was really sweet and offered suggestions. I love how it came out! This is the heaviest piece that I've made and I thought it would be uncomfortable to wear. I was wrong - it feels so good!


  1. The colors you chose are lovely. I have found the designers in Beadwork Magazine to be very helpful. Also Margie Deeb with her wonderful books on color.

  2. Hi Aleta

    The V Scallop Necklace was the first piece I did when I rec'd Lisa's book and I love it. The colours you used are lovely!! Makes me want to make another.


  3. oops...forgot to add...Lisa is a sweetheart!!